Address Accuracy

We charge delivery fee depending on distance from our store to recipient's address, so it is better to have the address accurate. In very few circumstance, our system may not recognize the address correctly (we have the common reason listed below). As the results, the delivery fee may not be correct. On Delivery method Option: "Delivery (xxx)", if you see there is number in (), such as (5km), it is the distance from the store to recipient address. However, if there is NO number in (), it means our system does not know where is recipient address. We reserve the right to find the right distance and correct the delivery fee. If you see the delivery fee is too high on the order, do not worry. We will correct it manually. Before we charge your Credit Card, we will check all the important information. You can always call us if you have any questions on delivery fee charge.

  • Do NOT separate the street number with space or comma: use "12345" instead of "12,345" or "12 345".
  • Do NOT put the unit number with street number together: do not use "40F Boulevard Saint-Charles", use "40 Boulevard Saint-Charles" in address, and "F"in "Unit#".
  • Check the address spelling carefully: if our system can not find "Marcel Meloche", try another format "Marcel-Meloche" (with dash "-" between).
  • Most of time, it is okay to use abbreviation for address name, such as " 40 St-Charles". But if you have problem on the delivery distance, we suggest to use full address name: like "40 Boulevard Saint-Charles". In some case, if there are more than one "St-Charles" around, google map can not find the correct one. 
  • Use full name of the city: Do NOT use "D.D.O.", use "Dollard Des Ormeaux" instead. Google map does not know what is "D.D.O.". You can also use "Montreal" if you know that there is only one of this street name around.
  • Check your input to ensure there is no typo. If there is some information missing, it will lead our system giving another address.
  • If you still have problem, we suggest to click here to open google map, then find your delivery address. Once you find it, please use the same address spelling and format to fill out the Delivery Details. This should resolve all your problem. If you can not find the address on google map, it could be that it is new address which google map did not updated, or there is not route to that address. If this is the case, please call us.