Address Accuracy

We charge delivery fee depending on the city, so it is better to have the address accurate. In very few circumstance, our system may not recognize the address correctly (we have the common reason listed below). As the results, the delivery fee may not be correct. We reserve the right to find the right address and correct the delivery fee. If you see the delivery fee is too high on the order, do not worry. We will correct it manually. Before we charge your Credit Card, we will check all the important information. You can always call us if you have any questions on delivery fee charge.

  • Do NOT put any unnecessary symbol, for example comma, before or after city: use "Beaconsfield" instead of "Beaconsfield,".
  • Check the city spelling carefully: if our system can not find the city, check your spelling.
  • We allow to use "D.D.O." for city of "Dollard Des Ormeaux", etc. However, we suggest you to use the full name for the city. You can send us the request to put the short name for the city in our system.
  • Our system may have other small issues, which we do not know, to give wrong delivery fee. If it happens, we reserve the right to change delivery fee on your order.
  • If you still have problem to find the city, please call us.