We list some FAQ (Frequently asked questions) here. If you have more questions not listed, please let us know by email: info@beaconsfieldflora.com.

Q1: What do you charge if I order flowers from you?

A1: We try to make everything clear and simple to understand. The fees we charge are: 1) flower arrangement, 2) delivery fee, 3) taxes. The arrangement fee is the flower value you ordered; the delivery fee is based on delivery address; taxes are required and collected for government.

Q2: Why do you charge delivery fee? Is it possible to have free delivery?

A2: Any flower shops, who have delivery service, have expense for the delivery - no matter they deliver by themselves or hiring delivery company. We do have free delivery for order of $300 or more.

Q3: I see other websites have the similar flowers but the price is cheaper. Can you match it?

A3: First of all, please make sure they do not charge you other extra fees. Yes, we know some websites have cheap flowers, but when you checkout, they will charge you more fees, such as Low Order Fee, Transmission Fee, Service Fee, etc. You will see that you eventually may pay more. We do not like to play the game: we only charge flowers value and delivery fee. We can not match the price with websites who do not have local flower shops. Those websites do not need to maintain the flowers daily; they do not need to pay for rent, electricity, etc., but we have to.

Q4: I have problem to place order for same day delivery. What should I do? What is your delivery policy?

A4: You want same-day-delivery, so we understand how important the day is for you. We do not want you missed the important moment because of us. Our guaranteed same-day-delivery deadline is 2pm. Please read our "Delivery and Pickup Policy" for detail.

Q5: Is it safe to place order on your website?

A5: Our website has SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) - you can see that, before our website link, there is a lock. All your information are protected. On the bottom, you can find the SSL certificate (). Click and read the certificate, you will see there is up to $50,000 warranty.

Q6: Can I use somebody's credit card to pay the order?

A6: We request anyone, who wants to order on our website, must be the owner of the credit card. Please note that if you make a fraudulent purchase (for example using a stolen credit card), we reserve the right to report the case to police and / or Collection company. They may use your order information (such as the recipient's address, your address, phone number, and IP address etc.) to investigate. If you are not comfortable with this, you can stop placing order online; or use another payment method; or contact us, we will send you a secure link to make payment. Alternatively, you can come to the store to place your order. Please read our "Terms and Conditions" for detail.

Q7: I do not have credit card. What payment methods you accept?

A7: We accept credit card, PayPal, e-Transfer, Money Order (need to confirm with the issue bank), invoice (for company only), and even cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, ETH, Doge, etc, as the payment.

Q8: I already filled the "Recipient or Pickup Details", I think the flower should be delivered. Why there is still "Pickup From Store" Option?

A8: Even you filled the form of "Recipient or Pickup Details", it DOES NOT mean your flowers will be delivered by default. We still offer two options: Delivery and Pickup. The reason is when you ask to pick up your order, we need to know information about the pickup person. In order to ensure your order being given to the right person, we may  ask him/her the information you provided, or check his/her ID (such as driver's license). If he/she is not the right person, we will not release your order. We have video camera to record the pickup procedure. If you need to change the pick up person, you must inform us by email or text (438-538-8688), before it has been picked up. Please read our "Terms and Conditions" for detail.

Q9: Is it possible to cancel the order?

A9: Yes, you have the right to cancel the order. However, please read our Terms & Conditions for the cancellation detail.

Q10: Is it possible to ask someone to pick up my order?

A10: Yes, you can ask someone to pick it up for you. We may check his/her ID with photo and address on it. If he/she is not the right person, we will not release your order. You must email or text us (1-438-538-8688) to change the pickup person. We have Video Camera to record the whole procedure. We will keep the videos for few months to years; but after one month, we do not accept any video request and think your order picked up successfully.. Please read our Terms & Conditions for the cancellation detail.

Q11: I have complain for the flowers received, what should I do?

A11: Your satisfaction is our priority. If you have any complain on our flowers or service, please let us know without any hesitate. You can send us an email with the picture(s). We can work together to find a way to solve the problem. However, before send your complain to us, please make sure you ordered from our website (beaconsfieldflora.com). There are many online flower shops saying they can deliver your flowers to our delivery area. Actually, some of them are not local flower shop in this area. They only take your order and forward your order to local shop, like us. These online shops make money by commission, which means the local shops will receive less money than you paid. The bouquet, which recipient received, may be smaller than you expect. We do not take those forwarded orders. If you ordered from those online shops, please send your complain to them; not to us.

Q12: Are your flowers fresh?

A12: Absolutely. We receive flowers more than 3 times per week. We do maintenance every day. However, please note that different flowers have different way to identify the freshness. For example, lots of people think that rose are not fresh if they are fully open. That is totally wrong. There are many variety of roses: some roses (like Playa Blanca Roses) open very big but they will stay open until finish; some roses (like Vendela Roses) stay close and open very slow or will not fully open when finished. The way to know the roses are fresh is to see how long they last - if they last only 2-3 days, the roses are not fresh. Our roses should last about one week, or more if you take care of them well. The same for other flowers. Please read our "Flowers and Plants care" to know how to keep the flowers long-lasting.

Q13: Why you need recipient's phone number? Can I just give my phone number?

A13: Normally we need both your and recipient's phone number. Ideally mobile number is better. The reason is that sometimes there is problem on your order, such as your payment issue, suspious typo on your message, address error, and so on. In order to deliver your order correctly and on time if the problem arised, we need to speak with you for more information. If you refuse to give us your phone number, we have to hold your order and may cancel it when it is necessary. For recipient's phone number, the main reason is to confirm there is someone at home. We know someone do not open the door when they do not expect a delivery. In this case, we have to call them to open the door. If you just leave your phone number, but we can not speak with you while the delivery issue, we will make our own decision (leave on the front or to the neighbour ect.). We understand you do not want your/recipient's mobile number will be scammed (we do the same thing), but we NEVER give or share anybody's mobile number to anybody. We are on the flower business for many many years, and we know how important to protect our clients.