• Florist Design

Let us know your favorite styles, color and / or flowers. Our designers will make a lovely arrangements based on your budget, the occassion, and your favorites. It is that simple.

Items on the picture are only to show the styles. If you want to order the item on this picture, you have to search and order them individually.

Your budget is the baseline for our designers to make the gift for you, it is NOT the price for the items on this picture. If you have any request for the designers we will do our best, but we may judge it depends on the availability. If you do need some special flowers, please call us before place order.

"Fit the Budget" is NOT a special style. When you select "Fit the Budget", we will decide which style we will make, depending on your budget. It could be Bouquet, Vase Arrangement, Plant or Basket, etc.

The actual delivered item may be different from the picture you see on the website, depending on the availability of the season, but we will make it as similar as possible. For assorted flowers, the colors shown online will be used as reference; for plants, similar plants may be substituted if the plant is not available; if the container shown online is not available, a similar container will be used. For specialty items, we may substitute with another items with equal or greater value for similar theme. Once the client placed order online, we think she/he agrees with our substitution policy. If the client does not permit the substitution, she/he must let us know, and we may cancel the order.

Florist Design

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